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in Front of all firms, organizations face the task of appointing the prices of their goods or services. Price remains the most important criterion for the consumer's decision making. We are surrounded on all sides by pictures. For housing, we contribute the rent, tuition - tuition, doctor pay considering the rewards. In order to pass kvartiry posutochno v novosibirske, the tenant must appoint their prices in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2018, which would be in-emley buyers, otherwise they will not be able to sell successfully in the market.Therefore, the factory or the organization must choose the right price-first policy. Price maintains its position as a traditional element of the competitive policy has a great impact on market position and profit of the enterprise. Pricing many hotels.ru, especially in Russia, often turns out to be insufficiently qualified. Most often encountered the following error: the pricing is overly focused on costs; TSE HN poorly adapted to the change in market conditions; the prices are insufficient but are structured in various embodiments of the product and market segments, and others. In some cases, these errors lead to significant losses, and sometimes to their bankruptcy. These shortcomings caused largely an inheritance-diem planned economy when the prices were determined policy or only on the basis of costs.
Prices are an active tool for the formation of the structure of production, have a decisive impact on the movement of the social product, enhance production efficiency, influence the distribution and use of the workforce, determine the standard of living of the population.Market economy is based on independent, economically justified producers, and for them the price is a decisive factor of the results of production and the financial activities of the company. The market dictates the conditions of survival. Therefore, a properly selected pricing policy ka, smart tactics of pricing, economically sound pricing methods are the basis for successful activity of any enterprises, regardless of ownership. You should pay attention to the complexity in the pricing policy, since the pricing involved a large number of trade and trade and intermediary firms all the way to the goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. the
of the Company seeking to conduct a competent pricing policy, first of all, should solve a number of problems:
- maximize profits;
- the conquest of the market;
- cost reduction:
- fight with rival products:
- increase the volume of production and sales:
the Aim of this study was to develop and validate pricing policy for the organization.
let us Formulate the objectives of the study:
to study theoretical aspects of the analysis of the pricing policy of the organization;
perform analysis of the formation of price policy of the enterprise by means of Secure Shuttle Transport (sst);
offer on the development of a pricing policy on survey-the enterprise under study.
the Object of study the process of developing and implementing the pricing policy of the organization.
the Practical significance of the work to the apartment office "apartments" consists in possibility of application of the recommendations on the development of pricing policy for the enterprise to improve the efficiency of the enterprise in whole.
1. The essence of price policy and task analysis
Price has always been a major factor in determining the choice of purchasing it!). It is still typical for poor countries and among poor populations in terms of food type of consumer goods. But in recent times purchasing choices began to reflect more energetic Xia the cost factors, in particular, sales promotion, organization of distribution of goods and services for different clientele. the
Each factory is coming to the pricing problems in their own way. In small firms, the prices are usually set by the General management. In large companies, pricing problems, usually do managers of an average level. But here, the top management gives General guidelines, forms policy objective of price apartments for rent in Novosibirsk approves the prices proposed by the leaders of the lower echelons. In such industries, where the factors of anaob education play a crucial role (railroads, oil companies and so on), firms often create divisions of prices that develop pictures, or help others to do the units. On pricing policy have great synergy managed services sales, head-ing the production managers of the Finance, accounting [8, p. 55].
First of all, the Apartment office will have to decide what purposes it tends to learn to achieve with a particular product. If the choice of the target market and positioning carefully considered, then the approach to Pro-human pictures is pretty clear. Because the pricing strategy is largely determined previously adopted decisions regarding positio-ning on the market. At the same time, the firm may pursue other objectives. The clearer the idea of what they are, the easier it is to set the price. Examples of such commonly encountered in practice goals can be: ensuring survival, current profit maximization, a leader on indicators of market share or in terms of the quality of the products [16, p. 69].
the Demand usually determines the maximum price that the firm can pay for your goods. And the minimum price is determined by cost-mi firm. The company seek to appoint a product this price to cover all costs of production, distribution and marketing, including a fair rate of return for its effort and risk.
the pricing of the average range of apartments affected by prices set by apartment and their market reaction. Apartment office needs to know the price and the quality of the products of its competitors. This can be achieved in the following ways. The firm can instruct their representatives to make comparison shopping to compare prices and products themselves together. She can get price lists of competitors buy their equipment and demolished to take it. It may also ask buyers to speak about how they perceive the price and quality of competitors ' products [6, c. 123].Firms solve the problem of pricing, choosing a pricing methodology that takes into account at least one of these three parameters involving proposals. The company hopes that the selected method will properly looked the thief in the specific price.This pricing method actively used in the formation of prices on the goods of the widest range of industries. The main difficulty of its application - the complexity of determining the level of additional amounts, since there is no way and form its account. the
things change depending on photos of Novosibirsk of the season, the condition of the porter fight. Still, the methods of calculating prices based on margins remains popular for a number of reasons. First, sellers are more aware of the costs than about demand. Tying the price to cost, simplifies the seller yourself a pricing issue. He does not have too frequently correcting to repair them prices depending on demand fluctuations. Secondly, if this IU-TOD pricing used by all firms in the industry, their prices rather all th will be similar. Therefore, price competition is minimized. Third, many consider the method of calculating "average cost pricing" is more fair to buyers and sellers. With the high demand sellers do not benefit at the expense of customers and at the same time have the opportunity to receive a fair rate of return on invested capital.The following method of pricing - pricing based on perceived value. An increasing number of firms when calculating the price starts to come out of the perceived value of goods. The easiest way pricing pricing on real estate of Novosibirsk by the method of "media-tion costs plus profit", is to accrue a certain mark-up on cost of goods. The size of margins vary widely depending on types of goods. A major factor in the pricing they consider not cost the seller and consumer perception.Firms using the method of pricing based on the perceived value of goods of significance, you need to identify what values are in the minds of consumers about the products of competitors.If the seller asks the buyer no longer recognized the value of the goods, sale of the company will be lower than it could be, other firms, by contrast, are assigned to their products too low prices. These products are well going on the market, but the company bring less revenue than they would if the price to the level of their value and importance in the representation of buyers